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Jørn Aagaard is an independent graphic designer based in Oslo, Norway. His work is mainly within the fields of identity and communication for screen and print, with a variety of clients such as Vinduet Literary Journal, Kolon Forlag, Flamme Forlag, Gyldendal Norsk Forlag, Norwegian Arts Council, Forlaget Press, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Cappelen Damm, Morgenbladet, Grafill and D2. 951 02 413
Jørn AagaardJ—A
Visual identity for SHA Prosjekt A/S
Hermann Stene, backside noseblunt slide at the Oslo City Hall for the cover of Dank no. 7.
Art director and co-producer for “Perry” commissioned by Nowness. Directed by Kasper Häggström.
“Perry” takes you from Oslo’s deserted summer streets while most of its inhabitants are on their seasonal migration to the coast, to the cabins and fjords of Tjøme, on the southern tip of Norway. Featuring Eirik Ballo and Henrik Lund, with the voice of Fredrik Douglas Perry and music by André Bratten.
Jan Henrik Kongstein
Website for New York based photographer and director Jamie-James Medina.
Magnus Bordewick, ollie, and Karsten Kleppan, switch backside smith grind, for the covers of Dank no. 5 and 8.
Re-design and art direction for Norwegian literary journal, Vinduet.
Vinduet is Gyldendal's literary journal founded in 1947 by Harald Grieg and Nic. Stang. The journal was started as part of building the country after World War II. It is considered one of the most important publication in Norway after the war and some of Norways most well known names in literature has contributed as Editor-in-chief; Johan Borgen, Brikt Jensen, Jan Erik Vold, Knut Faldbakken, Janneken Øverland, Jan Kjærstad and John Erik Riley.
"Mike" a.k.a. @peshmerganor for Morgenbladet
Henning Braaten, switch krooked grind for his interview in Dank no. 5.
Titles for "Oslo 5" directed by Jørgen Østbye Johannessen.
Design and art direction for Norwegian news paper format magazine, Kunstløftet. Kunstløftet is published by the Norwegian Arts Counsil and aims to expand and improve knowledge about art made for young. The publication is distributed bi-annually as a supplement to the Norwegian newspaper, Morgenbladet.
Book design for Norwegian author Eivind Hofstad Evjemo's third novel "Velkommen til oss" published by Cappelen Damm.
Titles for music video "Durer" by Okay Kaya. Directed by Jovan Todorovic.
Photo book and novel combined designed for acclaimed Norwegian author, Tomas Espedal (Gyldendal).
Tomas Espedal is known to be one of Scandinavia's most important writers for his mix of fiction and autobiography. He is a writer who shoots photos. The book document his life the past fifteen years. Throughout the years he has been shooting photos of friends and family, the houses he's lived in and the desks he's sat while writing. It's a photo book, as well as a novel, with photos and text togehter on each page.